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Blok-C is a start-up company with a genuine solution to digitize the construction industry. Why? Because the industry has an intractable productivity problem.

Whilst other industry sectors have transformed themselves and their productivity performance, much of construction has evolved at a glacial pace and is the least digitized business sector.

At present the industry is globally at a loss of $1.6 trillion and unable to cope with industry 4.0 and Construction 2025 agendas. Globally, labor-productivity growth in construction has averaged only 1 percent a year over the past two decades, compared with growth of 2.8 percent for the total world economy and 3.6 percent in the case of manufacturing. Our digitalization solution will do to construction what Google maps did to paper-form street maps and what the internet did to communication.

We are a partnership of construction professionals with over 45 years combined international experience. The company Blok-C Co., Ltd. Is currently under registration and we are looking for investment and technically cooperative partnerships.


Centralized roles force stakeholders to spend up to 50% of time on low-value tasks.

Miscommunications drive down margins, decrease productivity and impact scheduling.

System silos result in data duplication, varying standards and forced manual processes.

A lack of standardization adds 10-15% more costs to builds.

20% of design intent is not being executed and delivered due to lack of communication, standardisation and cost management

Disputes resulting from failure to administer contract correctly



Standardize material and contractual obligations down to micro-levels.   


Unify bill of quantities, specifications and contractual obligations for every construction works


Smart contracts connect projects to immutable blockchain and monitor progress, quality and cost automatically

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Market by 2021 (trillion)


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Why Blok-C is Better


Encourages shared business processes by incentivizing stakeholders.


Automates/ decentralizes manual checks and verification steps.


No expensive system replacements so no steep learning curves.

Market Viability

Heros Behind the Company


Markus Fuehrer

Markus Fuehrer

Co-Founder/ Advisor

Construction manager, project manager with 30 years experience in Europe & Asia

Mike Morritt

Mike Morritt


Executive, architect & project manager with 23 years global experience.

James Keddie

James Keddie

Consultant / Advisor

Construction manager, project manager with 30 years experience in Europe & Asia

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Markus Fuehrer

Email : info@blokc.io

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